Let's design YOUR cake...

The info you provide below will be included in Part 2 of your contract, which will be sent to you for final review.

We’ll be in touch with any questions we have about your submitted choices.

If necessary, a sketch of your cake will be included in your contract, for your approval.

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Partner 1 Name
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Partner 2 Name
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Your Mailing Address
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Wedding Date
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What time does your reception start?
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Contact Person Phone
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These are bags that will be used to package any extra slices so your guests can grab them on their way out for a late night snack! $0.05/ea
If yes, I'll provide rental info and we'll discuss your options
Now the fun part! Let's build your cake...
This is how your cake looks from the outside
A small, 4" sized tier is a good size to save for your Anniversary, if you so choose. This optional keepsake is $30.00.
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Select all tiers that you wish to include in your stacked cake, based on the sizes we proposed to you...
Please list each size tier and its corresponding flavors. Keep in mind that your final price may increase which each additional flavor, based on the labor involved.
If your cake is being decorated with fresh flowers, please provide your florist's info so I can communicate with them regarding our arrival times

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